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Re: Fw: [Tinycc-devel] windows resources, playsound, xp theme (just rese

From: bj
Subject: Re: Fw: [Tinycc-devel] windows resources, playsound, xp theme (just resending to the group)
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 00:35:09 +0800
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So tcc can't really compile to executables windows resources like
windres.exe in MinGW? If no, i'll guess i'll stick to MinGW. Visual Studio
2005 is way too big and has no commandline version, I think. Anyway,
thanks for the reply.

  Another question  though is can tcc write raw bytes to a file like sound
bytes , you know the characters you see when you open a sound file in
notepad? If yes, can anyone here tell me how?

Maybe i'll just put the sound bytes in a string or struct data structure
then compile the C code, and then the executable obtained will write those
sound bytes to a temporary file at the temp directory and play that sound

thanks for the reply.
Oh yeah sorry for this weird questions. i am trying to save space and
shrink my compiler for the needs of my thesis.
I have shrunk MinGW to 11 megabytes from 36 mb by including only the last
accessed files after a compilation of the C code, but if tcc can do the
same compilation then i'll replace MinGW with tcc. If not i'll stick again
to MinGW.

On Mon, 02 Oct 2006 21:54:38 +0800, <address@hidden> wrote:

tcc is the wrong tool for what you're trying to do. Something like Visual
Studio 2005 is likely to work better.

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            Please respond to

hey, i am a newbie here
and i am wondering if any of you knows how to do these things and if you

do please tell me how to do it, please, it's for my college thesis:
1. how to compile windows resources with tcc.exe (Tiny C Compiler for
2. how to use PlaySound functionality to play sounds which are compiled as

resources in the executable which is made by compiling my source code,
resource file with tcc.exe
3. how do you use the xp theme in executables made with tcc without
creating the manifest file along with the executable.
i.e. the executable generates the manifest file for itself before it show

any windows so that if it shows any windows , those windows will be using
the xp theme.
it works with MinGW but it's 36 times bigger,
i only making a minimum exe- a window with an edit control for a sentence

written in its own font resource and a play button that plays the sound of

the sentence as a resource in the executable itself

|    sentence (own font)  |
|   -------------------------     |
|   | play sentence       |    |
|   -------------------------     |
sorry, for my english. and hello to all
thanks in advance
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