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Feature Request: make sane symlinks on remote host.

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: Feature Request: make sane symlinks on remote host.
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 09:03:18 +1000
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I quite often log into a remote machine with Tramp and do:

 M-x eshell RET
 (rename-file "file" (format-time-string "file-%Y-%m-%d)) RET rename a file on the remote host, which I think is just the
duck's nuts, BTW.

What I'd also like to do (also from eshell) is:

 (make-symbolic-link "file" "symlink")

But it tells me that "file" is not a Tramp filename.  If I do:

 (make-symbolic-link "/[sm/address@hidden" "/[sm/address@hidden") creates a symlink with a literal filename of
"/[sm/address@hidden" that points to a non-existent file with the
literal name of "/[sm/address@hidden".

What I'd like the 'make-symbolic-link' to do is the same as if I had
run 'ln -s file symlink' on the remote host.

Is this even remotely (pardon the pun) possible?

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