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Re: Feature Request: make sane symlinks on remote host.

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: Re: Feature Request: make sane symlinks on remote host.
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:41:44 +1000
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|--==> "KG" == Kai Gro <address@hidden> writes:

  KG> Steve Youngs <address@hidden> writes:
  >>(make-symbolic-link "/[method/address@hidden/path/to/filename"

  >>And I'd be very happy with that. :-)

  KG> Oh, boy.  So there should be a new file /path/to/symlink-name on
  KG> the remote host, which is a symlink pointing to /path/to/filename
  KG> on the same host?

Yes, precisely!

  KG> This is just weird.

It's not weird at all.

  KG> Why don't you agree on putting the user/host spec on the source
  KG> rather than the target?

Because it makes more sense and is consistent with
make-symbolic-link's arguments of 'FILENAME LINKNAME'.  Actually, just
thinking about it some more, it would probably be better to do...

  (make-symbolic-link "/[method/address@hidden/path/to/filename"

Providing that the Trampish parts of the names get stripped when
writing it to disc.

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