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Re: Two weirdnesses (bugs ?) in tramp 2.0.34

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: Two weirdnesses (bugs ?) in tramp 2.0.34
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 22:51:58 +0200
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Gilbert Grosdidier <address@hidden> writes:

> - minor (?) problem: when opening some file for which a recovery
> buffer (with filename like "#somename#") in the target buffer, the
> file is NOT opened and the minibuffer displays some "wrong ..."
> message. Everything is however back to normal if I remove in some
> way the culprit file: #somename#, and I open the file successfully.

Strange.  Never heard of this.  Please do the following: Start a new
Emacs.  M-: (setq tramp-debug-buffer t) RET.  Then do M-x
toggle-debug-on-error RET.  Then (try to) open such a file using C-x
C-f and do NOT use filename completion for this.

Now you should get a *debug tramp/foo* buffer which contains the
commands sent to the remote host, and the answers.  Send that to me
or the list (preferably the list, but there might be stuff in there
that you don't want to send to the list).

Also send the *tramp/foo* buffer.

You should also get a backtrace buffer; can you send that, as well?

I'm asking you to avoid filename completion for this little test to
make the *debug tramp/foo* buffer shorter -- if you use filename
completion, then the buffer will include the completions and I'm too
lazy to read all of that :-)
Two cafe au lait please, but without milk.

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