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Re: contrib/base64.el doesn't work

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: Re: contrib/base64.el doesn't work
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 09:44:40 +1000
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* Kai Grossjohann <address@hidden> writes:

  > Steve Youngs <address@hidden> writes:
  >> No Gnus has done this[1].  And the XEmacs people themselves have said
  >> that packages no longer need to support XEmacsen older than 21.4.

  > Finally, a statement!  And such a positive one, at that.  Thanks a
  > lot, Steve.  

You're welcome.

  > (I love you, too ;-)

Oh no, I'm going all misty-eyed. :-P

  >> Footnotes: 
  >> [1]  That's "No" as in the codename, not no as in the negative.  (I
  >> hate that codename, it's too confusing)

  > Actually, the name has potential.  A friend used to have a login name
  > that was the German equivalent of "me".  He used to say, just send
  > mail to me.  And then people said, what address?  8-)

Could have been worse if the domain name was "my.address".  "send mail
to me at my address"...

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