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Re: tramp-1.33 (upstream 2.0.54) XEmacs Pre-Release is broken in XEmacs

From: Artemio Gonzalez Lopez
Subject: Re: tramp-1.33 (upstream 2.0.54) XEmacs Pre-Release is broken in XEmacs (OT)
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 20:46:30 +0200
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Adrian Aichner wrote:
When I try to open
I now get:

c:address@hidden: no such directory
The directory containing c:address@hidden does not exist.  Create? (y or n) No

This looks like an old problem I experienced back in 2003 after
explicitly using
(require 'tramp-efs)
which I don't do now.

I get this in my current XEmacs in question:
(featurep 'tramp-efs) => nil

Downgrading to
XEmacs package tramp-1.32 (2.0.53) fixes the problem for me in
XEmacs 21.5  (beta27) "fiddleheads" (+CVS-20060826) [Lucid] (i586-pc-win32, 
Mule) of Sun Aug 27 2006 on TANG

Best regards!


Hi Adrian,

Sorry this is actually off topic, but in the last month or so this list seems to have died off completely (this is the only message I got in over a month), I have found no updates in CVS in the last month, the link to the xemacs-beta list on the main xemacs page is broken, etc. Do you know if the xemacs project has moved somewhere else, and if so where to?



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