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using plink to compy from windows XP to linux

From: emacs user
Subject: using plink to compy from windows XP to linux
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 10:49:14 -0400

using plink method on emacs W32 to copy from windows to linux. when the target file does not exist, this works file. when the file already exists and needs to be replaced, I am getting this error message. something seems to be adding c: to the linux plink file name.

Overwrite `/plink:address@hidden:/home/me/tex/Transparencies/Eocene_DA/Eocene_DA.ppt'? [Type yn!q or C-h] Overwrite `/plink:address@hidden:/home/me/tex/Transparencies/Eocene_DA/Eocene_DA.ppt'? [Type yn!q or C-h]
Copy: 1 of 1
Copying error for c:/cygwin/home/me/tex/Transparencies/Eocene_DA/Eocene_DA.ppt: (file-error Copying file no such file or directory c:/cygwin/home/me/tex/Transparencies/Eocene_DA/Eocene_DA.ppt c:/plink:address@hidden:/home/me\/tex/Transparencies/Eocene_DA/Eocene_DA.ppt)

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