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Re: tramp (2.0.53);

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp (2.0.53);
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 22:09:28 +0200
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"Deok-su Lee" <address@hidden> writes:


> I succeeded in connecting to remote host and can get most of the files.
> but when I try to get java, jsp.. files, I get messages instead of file
> source.
> The message is "wrong type argument: stringp, nil"
> please get me tips, thanks.

I'm not trustworthy with my mind, but I believe something like this
has been solved with Tramp 2.0.54.

> current state:
> ==============


> tramp-current-user "user"
> tramp-current-host ""

Strange. Shouldn't "user" be a real user? And "port" be a number? Or
did you transcribe it in the bug report?

> <#part type="text/plain" encoding=base64 disposition=attachment
> buffer="*tramp/ssh address@hidden" description="*tramp/ssh
> address@hidden">
> <#/part>

This is a special notion for gnus to send a buffer. Could you, please,
provide the contents of the buffer *tramp/ssh address@hidden
instead of? And also the contents of the corresponding debug buffer
(but I'm still not happy with "user" and "#port").

Additionally, a backtrace in case of the error would be useful.

Best regards, Michael.

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