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Re: file storage in IMAP (eventually for Tramp) working and needs testin

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: file storage in IMAP (eventually for Tramp) working and needs testing
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 10:16:21 -0500
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On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 23:28:08 +0900 Daiki Ueno <address@hidden> wrote: 

DU> But still, I'm against the use of PGG (which is on the way to
DU> obsolescence) in the new package.  Here is a patch to use EPG instead.

Wonderful.  Two questions:

- EPG asks for the passphrase.  It should try tramp-imap-passphrase as a
  string first (I'll add the alist and function call support later).  As
  an extra courtesy to the user, if the passphrase is nil, we should ask
  interactively if encryption is wanted, and if yes, read the
  passphrase.  Would you be willing to make that addition?

- I had to clean ^M characters from the buffer before; EPG seems to
  handle them automatically so I removed this code

      ;; TODO: do this better, removes all ^M in the buffer
      (goto-char (point-min))
       (while (re-search-forward "^M" nil t) ;; this was the literal ^M
        (replace-match "" nil nil))

  from tramp-imap-get-file.  Is that OK?

Thank you

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