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Re: fix for XEmacs, session support for plink

From: Pete Forman
Subject: Re: fix for XEmacs, session support for plink
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 15:36:48 +0000
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Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

 > Pete Forman <address@hidden> writes:
>> One issue that is outstanding is that some remote commands are
>> failing as the pathname is being handled as if it were local. These
>> include M-x grep and chmod (M in dired).  I've tested with a plain
>> plink on xemacs -q.
 > I fear that there might be problems with XEmacs. process-file and
 > start-file-process, used in GNU Emacs for runing processes on a
 > remote host, do not exist in XEmacs (yet). There are emulations in
 > tramp-util.el, but I haven't tested them for a long time in XEmacs.

The previous version was working okay on XEmacs.  tramp-util.el has
not changed between versions.  I ran out of time in my trouble
shooting though.
Pete Forman        -./\.-
West Sussex, UK      -./\.- -./\.-
address@hidden  -./\.-

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