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Re: tramp (2.1.16-pre); backtrace for windows connection problem

From: Dave Abrahams
Subject: Re: tramp (2.1.16-pre); backtrace for windows connection problem
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 11:17:01 -0500

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 8:49 AM, Michael Albinus <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dave Abrahams <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Dave,
>>> I beg your pardon, but I don't know which previous report you are
>>> referring to.
>> It was bounced :(
>> I'll try to send it to you directly.
> Got it. Tramp has send two commands:
> # ssh xp   -q -o 
> ControlPath=/var/folders/w6/w6aHCL+5EVeBUsDYKAF0pU+++TI/-Tmp-/address@hidden:%p
>  -o ControlMaster=yes -e none && exit || exit
> # exec env ENV='' PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1=\$\  PS2='' PS3='' /bin/sh
> Please try them from a local shell. I guess you can omit the -o
> arguments from ssh, and the exec prefix. Would be interesting to see,
> what the second command returns.

OK, if I change the first command to

  sh xp   -q -e none && echo yes || echo no

then I get a cleared terminal and then, a bit later, a remote prompt

The 2nd command yields this prompt:

  $  PS2=

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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