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Default temporary directory in Windows/NTEmacs

From: Andy Sheen
Subject: Default temporary directory in Windows/NTEmacs
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 11:34:12 +0000
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I'm missing something obvious here. My lack of Lisp experience is
stopping me see the wood for the trees. I have a problem whereby the
variable temporary-file-directory on Windows is a standard Windows file
but with a *nix path separators. I.e. C:/Users/.... This causes cygwin
bash (at least I assume it is cygwin) to barf when transferring files.
The command to bring the file across is:

scp -p -q -r address@hidden:/file

which causes cygwin bash to freeze. If I replace g: with /cygdrive/g/
everything works well at the shell. On further inspection, tramp uses
the variable temporary-file-directory in function
tramp-compat-temporary-file-directory to generate the local temporary
file name, so I try and override that in my .emacs file with the line:

(setq temporary-file-directory "/cygdrive/g/Users/Andy/AppData/Local/Temp/")

but the function still returns the original temporary-file-directory
name starting with g:/ even though the variable is set correctly.

With some debug, this is due to this line:

(eval (car (get 'temporary-file-directory 'standard-value)))

which pulls the original value of temporary-file-directory from the
variable. Is there any way to override the variable without resorting to
changing the code in tramp-compat.el? I'm assuming this is an easier
question to answer than my other one ;)


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