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Re: Enable adb port in tramp adb

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Enable adb port in tramp adb
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 16:50:35 +0100
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Zhongwei Yao <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi, Michael,

Hi Zhongwei,

>     - I have rewritten tramp-adb-get-host-for-execution (new name is
>     tramp-adb-get-device) in order to simplify it. Works for me, but
>     I'm
>     not sure whether it is OK for all use cases. Please check!
> I've checked the "try connect" feature, by visit:
> /adb:, and find tramp will try to connect:
>, and end with failure. Do you have similar
> issue? 

Well, likely we shall do (untested):

    (let* ((method (tramp-file-name-method vec))
           (host (tramp-file-name-host vec))
           (real-host (tramp-file-name-real-host vec))
           (port (tramp-file-name-port vec))
           (devices (mapcar 'cadr (tramp-adb-parse-device-names nil))))
       tramp-prefix-port-format ":"
       (cond ((member host devices) host)
             ;; This is the case when the host is connected to the default port.
             ((member (format "%s%s%d" real-host tramp-prefix-port-format port)
              (format "%s:%d" real-host port))
             ;; An empty host name shall be mapped as well, when there
             ;; is exactly one entry in `devices'.
             ((and (zerop (length real-host)) (= (length devices) 1))
              (car devices))
             ;; Try to connect device.
             ((and tramp-adb-connect-if-not-connected
                   (not (zerop (length real-host)))
                    vec "connect" (format "%s:%d" real-host port)))
              (format "%s:%d" real-host port))
             (t (tramp-error
                 vec 'file-error "Could not find device %s" host)))))))

> And the comment in tramp-adb-get-device function is not correct now, I
> think we can just remove them:

Of course. Remove it, or write something else. I was too lazy doing this.

>     I would need ChangeLog entries from you.
> What kind of ChangeLog should I provide? Is it similar like the commit
> message? Like:
> Enable adb access with port format, e.g. /adb:

See lisp/ChangeLog.

> Thanks!
> Zhongwei

Best regards, Michael.

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