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question on tramp multi-hop

From: Alex Koval
Subject: question on tramp multi-hop
Date: Thu, 21 May 2020 06:57:05 +0300

I have four hosts, two main and 2 slaves: -> ssh slave (alias to 'slave' is configured in /etc/hosts 
on host1) -> ssh slave (alias to 'slave' is configured in /etc/hosts 
on host2)

Each of them have 'slave' host configured, accessible only from main.
So, I want to use tramp multi-hop syntax here.

But when I do it:

1. /| 
   Works fine

1. /||ssh:slave:/etc/somefile.txt 
   Works fine

2. /| 
   Works fine

2. /||ssh:slave:/etc/somefile.txt 
   WRONGLY opens file on host1

How to overcome this?


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