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Re: unbuffered remote process I/O

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: unbuffered remote process I/O
Date: Sun, 31 May 2020 12:10:47 +0200
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Felipe Lema <> writes:

Hi Felipe,

> I don't know if it's worth since it's not an `emacs -Q` test case
> but
> we can reproduce the error in my branch of eglot [1].
> The unit tests fail [2] because the the initialization json is sent,
> but does not reach the remote server [3].
> To reproduce it locally, you need to setup a passwordless ssh access to
> localhost, Emacs >= 27, pyls and eglot dependencies
> [1] =
> [2] =
> [3] =

I had a look on this, but I cannot extract a simple to run test for
me. For further investigation, I would need some steps to apply (they
must not need to start with "emacs -Q", cloning something at the
beginning would be OK).

Furthermore, reading [3], it seems to me that you have already found a
limitation in sending chunks to the remote. Teaching jsonrpc to send
several chunks up to 4096 bytes could solve the problem, right?

> Felipe

Best regards, Michael.

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