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Re: trouble connecting to davs

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: trouble connecting to davs
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 08:51:00 +0100
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bermel <> writes:


> First, the current workaround works fine for me.

Thanks for the feedback, so I'll add it to the next Tramp release.

> Concerning applying the patch: I would need more instructions for that.
> I am a (spacemacs) user (emphasis on user) and I never got really
> familiar with the emacs packaging system. To my understanding, tramp is
> a built-in package of emacs. On my computer, these are located within
> the snap folder, and I am not able to modify anything in there (as it
> is read only). So I struggle how to apply the patch.

Emacs offers Lisp packages from different archives, called "ELPA" (Emacs
Lisp Package Archive"). One of these archives, called "GNU ELPA", is
already configured with the Emacs you have installed (I guess so). There
are other archives called "NonGNU ELPA" or "MELPA", which offer further

If you install an ELPA package, it will be installed outside the Emacs
installation, in your "~/.emacs.d/elpa" directory (it will be created
when it doesn't exist). So you can use this package, modifiy it, or
delete, as you like, and w/o touching the Emacs installation.

Tramp is distributed with both core Emacs, and as GNU ELPA package. The
idea behind is, that Emacs releases doesn't happen often, and an ELPA
package fixes bugs or provides new features more frequently. Usually, a
new Tramp ELPA package is released once a month.

Information about the ELPA approach is given by the Emacs manual. Try in
Emacs "C-h i g (emacs) RET i Packages RET". You can also read on

> Kind regards, bermel

Best regards, Michael.

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