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auth-source source password lookup for ssh + sudo

From: Kai Tetzlaff
Subject: auth-source source password lookup for ssh + sudo
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 01:50:27 +0100
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Hi Michael,

with auth-source enabled when SSHing to a server with sudo as 2nd hop
like `|sudo:/etc/passwd` TRAMP apparently tries
to look up the sudo password using `user=root,,
port=sudo` (at least that is what auth-source-pass tells me with
debugging enabled [1]). Now, why does the lookup use `user=root` instead of
`user=notroot`. Is there a way to change that?

The reason I'm stumbled upon this is that I have multiple accounts on
some hosts and with the current lookup scheme it is not possible to
store sudo passwords for more than one account per host.


[1] The actual debug output is:

auth-source-pass: searching for entries matching hostname="", 
user=#("root" 0 4 (tramp-default t)), port="sudo"

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