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Re: GNUN setup issue

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: GNUN setup issue
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:47:00 +0200

В 16:22 +0300 на 13.12.2009 (нд), Ineiev написа:
> On 12/13/09, Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> wrote:
> > No, that's not required at all.
> So, how do I check?

You don't.  (I don't do it, at least.)  If there's a build failure, an
automatic message is sent to address@hidden (a private list
for the time being, but all translation projects' members are welcome to
join).  The team leader can also forward the message to you if you don't
want to be on the list for some reason.  Then you or the team leader
fixes the bug.  Failing that, one of the web-translators-staff (Anatoly
is one of them) fixes the bug.  If there's no bug during the build, but
the translation is generated with typos/grammar errors that you missed
for some reason, you simply fix them in the .po and commit again.

That's all.  Requiring translators to build the .html variants of the
translations is too burdensome, I think, so we don't bother.

> >> Then I copy and GNUmakefile from gnun-0.4 to
> >> server/gnun, add or edit some PO files and make -C server/gnun.
> >
> > That's correct if you want to build .html translations, yes.
> Thanks, I think I didn't see in GNUN documentation about copying
> the makefiles, so I was not sure about it.

IIRC, the recommendation is to make them symlinks, so that the new
copies are automatically used when installing new GNUN releases.

> There are no "fuzzy" strings in the PO file after regenerating the HTML.
> I attach the buggy PO file and the resulting HTML.
> po4a-v0.37.1; though, probably there may be a problem with it's setup:

Thanks; I'm looking into this.  Please give me some time, TIA.

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