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Re: [Uucp-general] UUCP sessions from outside do not work

From: Jutta Wrage
Subject: Re: [Uucp-general] UUCP sessions from outside do not work
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 22:39:44 +0100


>> Whatever was changed by the "upgrade" would be a good candidate.  ;)

Yes, but I did not find out with Debian tools.

Done now after searching again:

# mkdir /usr/lib/uucp/lshells
# cd /usr/lib/uucp/lshells
# ln -s /usr/bin/lshell uucico
# chmod g+r,o+x /usr/lib/uucp

That solved the problem with incoming calls.

And no, the log did not show anything. Now it does:

uucico - - (2020-01-20 19:52:00.72 2103) Incoming call [...]
uucico [User] - (2020-01-20 19:52:00.89 2103) Handshake successful [...]

There we go...




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