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Re: [VM] Cannot view GMail inbox

From: Torstein Krause Johansen
Subject: Re: [VM] Cannot view GMail inbox
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 13:33:48 +0800

Hi again,

sorry for my late reply, work has kept me busy :-)

And in case you're checking the header of this message: yes, I'm using
GMail to post this message. The reason is not that GMail isn't working
with VM now (thanks to your help), but that I haven't set up multiple
SMTP accounts with automatic switching between them.

Since my primary mail is my company mail, GMail just has to take a
back seat right now. But there's perhaps some wizardry to the Emacs
SMTP settings I haven't looked into? Feel free to point me in the
right direction.
seems like a place to start. Has anyone gotten this to work (with VM)
without any user interaction? I.e. if I reply to a message in
imap/gmail:inbox, it uses the GMail setup and if I'm replying to a
message in imap/someothermail:inbox, it uses someothermail's SMTP

On 8 August 2011 21:27, Uday Reddy <address@hidden> wrote:
> Torstein Krause Johansen writes:
>> - vm-visit-imap-folder => initial login: if I type the wrong password
>>   (or just hit ENTER), VM refuses to give me a second go, instead it
>>   keeps complaining from my initial mistyping:
>>   completion--some: IMAP protocol error: "CRLF expected"
> I was able to reproduce something similar by giving an empty password to
> gmail.  The session shows:


> Two problems here.
> - First of all, gmail seems to have had an internal crash.  How silly is
> that?  For an empty password?

Amazing. Good catch, though!

> - Secondly, it dumped some string "{XDH}", which, in IMAP protocol, is
> supposed to mean, I am sending you a stream of data and here is its length.
> After that there should be an end of line.  VM's parser rightly flags up a
> syntax error.
> I will adjust VM so that if the stuff in braces is not a number, we don't
> assume that it is a stream.  That should get around this stupid message.

Great, I had to re-start Emacs whenever I mistyped my password :-)

> But, please complain to gmail that their server is misbehaving.

I'll send them a pedagogical email :-)



Torstein Krause Johansen
System architect / Vizrt Online

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