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Re: [VM] Cannot view GMail inbox

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Cannot view GMail inbox
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 12:58:41 +0100

Torstein Krause Johansen writes:

> And in case you're checking the header of this message: yes, I'm using
> GMail to post this message. 

Pity, the `from' address wasn't gmail.  So, it is now in public domain.  My
own feeling is that we should be careful with email addresses and not so
much with the smtp servers, unless you want complete anonymity.

I will defer the question about multiple smtp servers to others that use
them.  I myself don't.

> > I will adjust VM so that if the stuff in braces is not a number, we don't
> > assume that it is a stream.  That should get around this stupid message.
> Great, I had to re-start Emacs whenever I mistyped my password :-)

Indeed, VM wasn't being kind to wrong passwords.  I have done the change
now, which will go into the next release.


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