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Re: [VM] VM / stunnel4 / STARTTLS documentation

From: Matthew Vernon
Subject: Re: [VM] VM / stunnel4 / STARTTLS documentation
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 19:45:22 +0000
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Uday Reddy <address@hidden>

> Sorry, we can't put it in the docs.  The VM manual can only describe VM, not
> how to configure stunnel, which is an independent program.

Up to a point, lord copper. You clearly can't describe every possible
configuration but given stunnel is the suggested tool (and STARTTLS
hardly uncommon), a small hint wouldn't cost many bits...

> On the other hand, this kind of stuff can go on EmacsWiki, and anybody can
> put things in there.
>> Essentially, if your IMAP server does STARTTLS on port 143, you have to
>> tell stunnel to do this, otherwise nothing works (it quits returning 0,
>> and VM says there's an IMAP problem). This is readily achieved by
>> creating a little file containing the single line:
>> protocol = imap
>> and setting vm-stunnel-program-additional-configuration-file
>> appropriately. 
> What I can do is add mention of the stunnel additional-configuration-file
> variable in the manual, which should have been there in the first place.  On
> the other hand, I don't know what else to say there other than to summarise
> the doc string.  (Actually, I see that the doc string is self-contradictory
> too. Sigh..)  If somebody can contribute some text that I can put in the
> manual, I would appreciate it.

"*Name of a configuration file the contents of which are appended to the
 file VM writes to configure stunnel version 4 or later.

Stunnel (versions 4 and later) is configured by a file, not command-line
options. VM builds a suitable file for each instance of stunnel that it
runs; if this variable is non-nil, then the contents of the file named
are appended to the file VM builds. The manual for stunnel4 describes
all the configuration options you can set in this file; the "protocol =
imap" option will enable STARTTLS, for example."




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