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Re: [VM] VM / stunnel4 / STARTTLS documentation

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] VM / stunnel4 / STARTTLS documentation
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 09:17:29 +0000

Matthew Vernon writes:

> > Sorry, we can't put it in the docs.  The VM manual can only describe VM, not
> > how to configure stunnel, which is an independent program.
> Up to a point, lord copper. You clearly can't describe every possible
> configuration but given stunnel is the suggested tool (and STARTTLS
> hardly uncommon), a small hint wouldn't cost many bits...

This is not a question of bits.  stunnel is a separate program, maintained
independently.  We can't take responsibility for how it should be configured
in the VM manual.  stunnel can change on its own and we have no control over

The unfortunate fact of the Unix world is that the users are expected to put
together a number of components and figure out how to configure them so that
they can work together.  It is a pain, and it is not ideal, but that is Unix
for you.  What can I say?

Each of the components should be telling you how to interface with the other
components.  Other than that, Linux distributions help out the users with
putting together components.  Or, there is the web.  So, EmacsWiki is where
this kind of information should go.  And, the VM user community should be
maintaining it more actively than it has been.

Your IMAP provider should also be telling you how to configure tools like
stunnel.  Why are they using port 143 for IMAP-SSL anyway?  Port 993 is the
standard for secure IMAP.


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