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Re: [VM] Info node "External Messages"

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Info node "External Messages"
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 23:42:57 +0100

Alan Wehmann writes:

>  vm-spool-files '("imap:*:*")
> I used the command "vm" to initiate the downloading of messages from
> the IMAP server.

Right, you have used an IMAP spool file to download messages into a local
folder, the vm-primary-inbox.  So, the external message stuff doesn't

On the other hand, the vm-get-new-mail was invoked automatically.  So, VM
should not have asked you yes/no questions.  I will check why that is

> There were 533 messages in the IMAP inbox.  Roughly 35 of these were
> greater than 50000 in size.  For each of these "large" messages I was
> asked if I wished to download them.  For each I responded no.  I was
> then asked if I wanted to delete them from the "maildrop".  In a
> confused state, I answered yes (not a good answer).  As a result they
> were completely gone.

Were only the downloaded messages gone, or did the skipped messages go away
too?  That would be quite a serious bug if the skipped messages got deleted.
But nobody reported anything like it all these years!


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