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Re: [VM] Info node "External Messages"

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Info node "External Messages"
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 23:52:55 +0100

Alan Wehmann writes:

> For me there is a mode of operation where I like to download selected
> IMAP messages into Local Folders & have a local copy.  As I indicated
> in one of my messages, I need to use the web interface to the IMAP
> server to clean out the IMAP server inbox.  I would use the web
> interface for this, since then the limited DSL upload speed is not a
> factor when moving messages from one folder to another on the server.

If you are really sure that you wan to use Local Folders (I still don't see
why), then please be aware that you are using functionality that Thunderbird
doesn't provide.  So, you can't expect VM to behave like Thunderbird.  As I
said previously, I would prefer to get rid of Local Folders for IMAP because
they are confusing and don't work well.

Uday Reddy writes:

> On the other hand, the vm-get-new-mail was invoked automatically.  So, VM
> should not have asked you yes/no questions.  I will check why that is
> happening. 

It looks like this is happening because we have changed the automatic
`vm-get-new-mail' to be regarded as an "interactive" use so that people can
type in passwords when they do `M-x vm'.  So, it now asks yes/no questions
during `M-x vm' as well.

I guess I will need to add another flag to say that it is ok to ask for
password, but not ok to ask yes/no questions.


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