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Re: [VM] spaces truncated in presentation text

From: Uday Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] spaces truncated in presentation text
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 08:55:32 +0100

Kyle Farrell writes:

> This is from Emacs on 23.4.1 (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601) on Windows 7.

But Windows doesn't have lynx.  Are you using Cygwin lynx?

> When I do notice missing space characters in the presentation buffer,
> it appears to be where the lynx-rendered text has an end of line.  ie-
> if lynx renders:
> some text here
> and some more here

If line-endings are clobbered, that is an entirely different problem.  You
should save the output of lynx in a file, visit it in Emacs using M-x
find-file-literally and see what text is there.

> The lynx options I'm using are "-force_html -dont_wrap_pre -dump 
> -pseudo_inlines -stdin -nolist -nonumbers -nomargins".

I don't understand how you are specifying options.  The recommended method
for using lynx is to set `vm-mime-text/html-handler' to 'lynx and let VM
deal with all the rest.  No lynx options need to be set by you.


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