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[VM] vm-sit-for, display-hourglass, etc

From: Jay Borkenhagen
Subject: [VM] vm-sit-for, display-hourglass, etc
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 16:32:44 -0500


Many years ago, I had suggested to Kyle Jones that if vm-get-new-mail
had retrieved nothing, that the "No new mail for ..." message in the
minibuffer should go away after a few seconds, so one would not be
misled by seeing that message still present when returning to vm
possibly several hours later.  Kyle agreed, and built that logic using
a call to function "(sit-for 4)".

This sit-for behavior was not working for me in my new vm-8.2.0b
environment, so I started digging.  I found that vm-get-new-mail now
uses a special function vm-sit-for, which keys on variable

I changed display-hourglass to nil, and I now I do see the "No new
mail ..." message disappear from the minibuffer after 4 seconds.  If
that is what I have to do to get the desired behavior I'm OK with
that, but I think this all may not be working the way Uday had
intended so I decided to mention it here.

FWIW, for a number of years now I most often run my vm inside an
"emacs -nw" running under screen in an xterm.  Perhaps the "emacs -nw"
is the reason my display-hourglass setting doesn't produce the right
results -- I certainly had not done anything explicit to change it
until discovering the above.


                                                Jay B.

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