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Re: [VM] vm-sit-for, display-hourglass, etc

From: Jay Borkenhagen
Subject: Re: [VM] vm-sit-for, display-hourglass, etc
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 19:33:57 -0500

 > > I changed display-hourglass to nil, and I now I do see the "No new
 > > mail ..." message disappear from the minibuffer after 4 seconds.  If
 > > that is what I have to do to get the desired behavior I'm OK with
 > > that, but I think this all may not be working the way Uday had
 > > intended so I decided to mention it here.
 > Yes, I remember the issues now.  While sit-for is doing its sitting, the
 > hourglass will keep showing that Emacs is busy.  This was confusing to users
 > because they tend to wait for the hourglass to go off before doing their
 > next operation.
 > So, yes, if you want the 4 second disappearance, you need to turn off the
 > hourglass.


Let me ask: In "emacs -nw", should display-hourglass ever be set to t?
Seems like maybe emacs should do a better job of setting this
variable.  Or should vm check whether a window system is being used,
and if not then don't even bother checking display-hourglass?

Thanks again.

                                                Jay B.

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