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[VM] Make vm-save-and-expunge-folder use a trash can?

From: Daniel Barrett
Subject: [VM] Make vm-save-and-expunge-folder use a trash can?
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 12:38:03 -0400

Hi - I just joined the viewmail-info list today. Been using VM for
maybe 20 years...?

Anyway, I have a question. The most common mistake I make with VM is
hitting "S" (vm-save-and-expunge-folder) too soon, deleting a message
that I didn't mean to delete. Is there some way to make
vm-save-and-expunge-folder move messages into a "trash" folder, rather
than permanently deleting them, so I can undo my mistake the next time
it happens?

It would be fine if this worked only for the inbox folder. (My other
folders I can presumably retrieve from backups. Inbox changes too
frequently for that.)

Thanks very much.

Dan Barrett

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