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Re: [VM] Make vm-save-and-expunge-folder use a trash can?

From: Rene
Subject: Re: [VM] Make vm-save-and-expunge-folder use a trash can?
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 08:58:28 +0000 (UTC)
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Daniel Barrett <address@hidden> writes:
> Anyway, I have a question. The most common mistake I make with VM is
> hitting "S" (vm-save-and-expunge-folder) too soon, deleting a message
> that I didn't mean to delete. Is there some way to make
> vm-save-and-expunge-folder move messages into a "trash" folder, rather
> than permanently deleting them, so I can undo my mistake the next time
> it happens?
> It would be fine if this worked only for the inbox folder. (My other
> folders I can presumably retrieve from backups. Inbox changes too
> frequently for that.)

In such a case I on my vmCrashBoxes.

>From the manual:

   VM transfers the mail from a spool file to a folder via a temporary
file known as the "crash box".  The variable `vm-crash-box' names the
crash box file for the primary inbox.  Or a crash-box name may be
created from `vm-crash-box-suffix' described below.  (*note Spool
Files::.)  VM first copies the mail to the crash box, truncates the
spool file to zero messages, merges the crash box contents into the
primary inbox, and then deletes the crash box.  If the system or Emacs
should crash in the midst of this activity, any message not present in
the primary inbox will be either in the spool file or the crash box.
Some messages may be duplicated but no mail will be lost.


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