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Re: [VM] VM is awesome (was vm-save-buffer)

From: Johan Vromans
Subject: Re: [VM] VM is awesome (was vm-save-buffer)
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2015 10:00:21 +0100


Please do not get me wrong -- I really, really much appreciate the work
you've done on VM. And, as I wrote in my initial mail, I really hate to
have to replace VM by anything else. But I'm just running into the situation
that VM seems no longer capable of doing what it is supposed to do.

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015 20:35:36 +0000
Uday Reddy <address@hidden> wrote:

> Johan Vromans writes:
> > 
> > *** Initial load of the IMAP cache often stops after a number of
> > messages:
> That looks like your IMAP server was disconnecting.

Possibly. But I've never seen this with 8.1.2, while it consistently happens
with 8.2.0. Fortunately, only on the initial load of the IMAP mailbox.

BTW, when I delete the cache and re-visit the IMAP mailbox in 8.1.2, a new
cache is created. When I do this in 8.2.0, it gets stuck on an (empty)
read-only Inbox since it thinks it must recover the auto save file.

> > *** I somehow lost my colours in the summary buffer.
> You might need to get rid of old cruft in your .vm file.  In particular,
> if you were using `u-vm-color' (a non-standard add-on), you need to get
> rid of it and use VM's summary faces. See the NEWS file and make sure
> that all the CHANGES are incorporated in your .vm file.

I'm not using u-vm-color, which was introduced after stable 8.1.2.

When I use M-x vm-summary-faces-mode, it bails out with

apply: Marker points into wrong buffer: #<marker at 80 in Inbox>

> > *** Very annoying (and dangerous!) change in behavour:
> > 
> > In the summary window:
> > Assume message 1688 is selected (blue).
> > Click on message 1681, or move cursor to this message.
> > 
> > Type 'D' (delete). Message 1688 is marked for deletion.

And 1689 becomes selected. Now if you were looking at message 100 or so,
everything happening to 1688 etc would be out of sight. Hey, I just did d,
didn't I? Apparently not. Let's hit d once more. Nope, still no effect...

Just in case the impact of this is not clear: It causes you to silently
lose messages since you're deleting the wrong ones.

> > In VM version 8.1.2, message 1681 would become selected and marked for
> > deletion.  

I couldn't find anything in the NEWS/CHANGES that would have warned me for
such a significant change.

> So, in future, you can expect more frequent public releases. Whether it
> will be good or bad is another question.

I think it is good.

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