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Re: [VM] VM is awesome (was vm-save-buffer)

From: Hugo Geir
Subject: Re: [VM] VM is awesome (was vm-save-buffer)
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2015 20:15:52 +0100


> Has anyone looked at Mu4e?

I'm using it currently.
Searches are excellent.

What I miss the most is dealing easily with signing/encrypting

I have ceased using vm many years ago, unfortunately. I have
used Thunderbird until recently, when searching broke down for
me completely. I could, however, copy all messages to a dovecot
based IMAP mailbox. So I'm uncertain whether to stick with mu4e.
I do have notmuch and mutt on the list to try out. Well, maybe I
should do a serious attempt to configure VM to deal with a few
big IMAP folders (approx 20k messages).

A big Thank You! from my side as well.


The purpose of computing is insight --- not numbers
R. Hamming

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