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[vile] Some questions about the -k/-K options and encryption

From: Chris Green
Subject: [vile] Some questions about the -k/-K options and encryption
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 22:02:11 +0000
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I am trying to make a few things slightly more secure on my system.  

I currently use a script to edit (using vile -k <pwd>) some files, as
a result a ps will show the password, though it's actually not too bad
as the non-alpha characters I use confuse the output somewhat.

However it would be nice if vile would prompt for the password and
thus make it less visible (not totally invisible I know, but still

On the vile man page it says:-

    On systems with a getpass() library routine, the user will be
    prompted for the encryption key if it is not given on the command

So when will vile prompt for the encryption key?

If I just do "vile <encrypted file>" I'm just shown the encrypted
data.  If I do "vile -k <encrypted file>" then it thinks the name of
the file is the encryption key.

Is there a way to force vile to ask for the encryption key? Is there
any difference between -k and -K options?

Chris Green

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