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[XForms] GL Utility??

From: David Strang
Subject: [XForms] GL Utility??
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 03:30:37 UTC

To subscribers of the xforms list


I just downloaded and configured xforms 1.0.93 the other night and
everything seemed to build correctly on my Ubuntu 9.04 box. I wanted
to test everything before I run "make install". I already have xforms 1.0.90
installed from the Ubuntu package manager. 

I would like to have the GL code working correctly. The configure found
enough GL to allow the "gl, glwin" examples to be built. The example "gl"
seems to run okay as its the spining box. The other example, "glwin" opens
up a window with nothing in it and appears to lock onto the background,
even while I drag (slowly) the window around the screen. Seems like the
code can't draw the window background and subsequent redraws are
bottled up.

Now, I have GLUT and MESA available to me. There is a README that 
mentions re-compiling the library with "FORMS/gl.c" Where does "gl.c"
come from. Isn't "FORMS/gl.c" in the default code, so its already there,
or should "gl.c" come from the MESA/GLUT includes?

I would like to keep the 1.0.93 library local, how do I do a "make install"
into a home folder?

Another project I have is to use PLPLOT as my data plotting tool. PLPLOT is
a nice, feature rich and fairly mature package. How can I get PLPLOT to
plot into a Xforms window? Seems like I would need to get the PLPLOT
routines the window ID. How does Xforms handle window IDs. Seems like
I will have to reconcile the methods each package uses to handle windows
and build  a custom version of each. As a side note, PLPLOT has support
for the Gnome/GTK canvas. Problem is, its buggy and not fully developed
and the person who developed it is no longer doing such.

All help is appreciated.

Dave Strang

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