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Re: [XForms] About AForms

From: Jens Thoms Toerring
Subject: Re: [XForms] About AForms
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 19:32:14 +0100
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Hi Joel,

On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 05:02:48PM +0000, address@hidden wrote:
> Can anyone please shed light on what AForms is and how to get it. I have
> successfully compiled XForms, but I cannot find any useful information
> about AForms. Is AForms XForms converted to Ada?

Sorry, no idea. A long time ago there seem to have existed a
port of XForms to Ada95 but I don't know how it was named
(or if it had a different name at all).

Where did you happen to stumble unto that name?

The only things a Google search turned up with "aforms" and
"library" were


but I have no idea if they are in any way related what you're
looking for, sorry.
                              Best regards, Jens
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   \_______________________________      http://toerring.de

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