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[XForms] Bug in fdesign

From: Sian Mountbatten
Subject: [XForms] Bug in fdesign
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:51:37 +0000

I have discovered that if I create a simple form containing two
spinners, fdesign generates a
.fd file successfully. Examination of the file shows that three objects
are specified in the
number of object field and, indeed, three objects are detailed.

However, if fdesign is started with the arguments -lax -nocode and then
asked to load the
simple form definition file, fdesign reports that there are less objects
in the file than
expected. It would appear that the program does not count the number of
objects correctly.

At present, I cannot open an already existing form definition file. This
is a definite bug.
Sian Mountbatten
Algol 68 specialist
  Sian Mountbatten

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