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[XForms] a few questions

From: chapitech
Subject: [XForms] a few questions
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 00:39:53 +0200
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I have ben using xforms for a while, but am stuck on a few things


I use a choice menu, so you click on the button and an xpopup gives the
choices. the xpopup tries to align the choice button with the top of the
xpopup (as commented in the sourcz), or if it clips the bottom of the display
the bottom of the xpopup is aligned with the bottom of the display. - I hope
you are with me so far.

the question is how can I align the bottom of the xpopup with the button, or 
the form, as
the choice menu is at the bottom of the form, and is often obscured by the
windowmanager's taskbar. I am wondering if a constant like
FL_POPUP_ALIGN_BOTTOM exists and could be applied somewhere??

BTW half the time the program is used, it is from a windows machine via an
Xming server.
screenshots available if it would help.


fl_get_button_numb(obj) works with buttons, but not with other objects such as sliders (or cavas objects, but I wrote a prehandler for that as I needed more mouse info). is there a reason for this or am I missing something?


If you (jens) are interested i could do a few more screenshots of one of the programs for the xforms site for the moment feel free to use anything in www.chapitech.fr/xforms


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