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Re: [XForms] a few questions

From: chapitech
Subject: Re: [XForms] a few questions
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:59:27 +0100
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the question is how can I align the bottom of the xpopup with the button, or
the form, as the choice menu is at the bottom of the form, and is often
obscured by the windowmanager's taskbar. I am wondering if a constant like
FL_POPUP_ALIGN_BOTTOM exists and could be applied somewhere??

BTW half the time the program is used, it is from a windows machine via an
Xming server.

There currently is no way to specify such an alignment. May
I ask which window manager has a taskbar that obscures a
popup? With the only one I have around here at the moment
that has a taskbar this doesn't happen, i.e. it show the
popup on top of the taskbar. Is it possible that this only
happens witg Xming?

it only happens with xming, and the choice menu is deprecated,
furthermore it is a "work in progress menu", so if it gets too
big I'll just have to get bach to my forms storyboard.

fl_get_button_numb(obj) works with buttons, but not with other
objects such as sliders (or cavas objects, but I wrote a prehandler
for that as I needed more mouse info). is there a reason for this or
am I missing something?

Because nobody ever wanted something like that;-) And XForms
doesn't react to anything else than the left mouse button
for sliders (or the scroll wheel), so that would be every-
thing that could be reported. Canvases are a different beast
altogether, with them you register a handler function anyway
which receives the requested X events, and if it was a mouse
button event (ButtonPress or ButtonRelease) you get the infor-
mation which mouse button was used from the X event (if 'ev'
is the pointer to the event 'ev->xbutton.button' contains
the mouse button used). Which widgets would you need that
information for specifically? It's always possible to add
another function;-)

I understand that a canvas object is little more than a wrapper
for Xlib (and very useful it is too) but i don't see why other
form elements don't report which buttons called them.
specifically I use one slider that can change an array size (free, malloc),
which combined with an idle callback effectively freezes the machine.
what I was looking for was a left_button=change value and
right_button=commit value. if I remember correctly the info seems to
be simply &'d out before returning which button was pressed.

If you (jens) are interested i could do a few more screenshots of
one of the programs for the xforms site for the moment feel free to
use anything in www.chapitech.fr/xforms

Thank you! I especially like the oct2013.png - but it's up
to you to decide which one you want to appear. If I may use
that or some other what kind of caption would you like to
have? I would like to properly attribute it to you or your
company and a very short description would also be nice.

obviously oct2013.png is the most recent, and I was playing with
some new features so the tent looks quite nice. I would be delighted
if you were to publish it.
caption: "Mesh, by Robert Hawkin, for www.chapitech.fr".
btw the 3D autoscale, viewpoint, pan, rotate, and zoom are all fairly
easy stuff that could be integrated into the demos. if you give me a
3D array generator I will send back a simple 3D viewer (in a month or so...)

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