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[XForms] slider does not respond to right mouse click

From: jos
Subject: [XForms] slider does not respond to right mouse click
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 14:45:36 +0200
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Hi all,

just a quick question.

I've been tinkering on some software I wrote many years ago for a few days now, adding some new features.

I've noticed that when I use a slider I can not distinguish it being clicked by a left or a right mouse button. For a row of sliders I used a left mouse click for normal setting and a right mouse click to set a slider with a value which depended on its neighbouring sliders.

This used to work fine when I built earlier versions of the program. But now it does not anymore. Odd thing is that if I print the value of fl_mouse_button() I only see left mouse button clicks. I can see the left or the right buttons being clicked on buttons and panels etc. but not on sliders.

Have there been any changes in the library (I'm linking to libforms.so.2.0.0) in this respect over the years that I'm not aware of? The manual says nothing of the sort. It mentions that for positioners one can set which mouse button it should respond to, but I could not find a similar function for a slider.
Anyone know of a remedy?

Best regards,


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