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[XForms] clock object with selector for show_seconds

From: Brian Tiffin
Subject: [XForms] clock object with selector for show_seconds
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2017 17:25:06 -0400
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I have a small patch to allow clock objects to set/reset show_seconds.

Added a show_seconds field to the spec, and an
fl_clock_set_show_seconds( obj, int show) (modeled on fl_set_clock_ampm
function to clock.c, clock.h and forms.h.  Along with some spec derived
if statements to control formatting the digital clock and skipping the
second hand drawing in clock.c.

Is this a worthy patch to send you Jens?

I've become keen on using XForms with the GnuCOBOL project.  Once we get
out 2.2 release out the door I'd like to take a kick at generating code
from SCREEN SECTION in COBOL to replace ncurses TUI screens with XForms
GUI screens (optionally by keyword in COBOL and depending on ./configure
--with-xforms).  Maybe.  If the experiments keep succeeding as they have.

I have a small intro building up in the GnuCOBOL discussion group at

So far that code is simply using CALL to access the XForms features, but
future plans might include upgrading cobc/codegen.c and
libcob/screenio.c to output code more suitable for XForms.

Nice feature set, should blend well with COBOL programmer thought space
and development expectations.

Anyway, XForms will play a role in GnuCOBOL going forward, regardless,
as the intros are already showing great potentials with the simple CALL
layers.  But I find the second hand (or digital seconds) a little
distracting, but hour/minute display is just right for quick clocks on a
COBOL form.  (And very keen to exercise more xyplot and chart object
demos, which would be nice to unveil once we prep for a Report Writer
release (code is ready, just needs to be elevated into trunk)).

Would you like the patch sent?  I'd need guidance on updating the doc
set to include the fl_set_clock_show_seconds() function, or if you'd
like a different name other than show_seconds, etc.

Or, ignore this and just continue on with this handy toolkit.  :-)  It
really is a nice match for COBOL work.  Kudos to you and the other
contributors, Jens.

Have good, make well,

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