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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] How about a new release?

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] How about a new release?
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 22:11:13 +0100

* Tassilo Horn (2012-11-09) writes:

> I think it's time to roll a new AUCTeX release.

I think so, too.  However, I've yet to check the Biber patch.  There is
at least one thing about it I don't like and that is the renaming of
existing defcustoms.  This would break the setup of users with existing
customizations.  What I'm also worried about are the changes of some
core functions in tex-buf.el.  It should be checked if those work as
reliable as before.

> The xemacs-package target seems to work, but it byte-compiles the files
> with emacs (I don't have xemacs installed).  Probably, files compiled
> with emacs 24 won't run on XEmacs, right?  How would I tell it to use
> XEmacs if I had installed it?  Re-configuring with --emacs=xemacs
> before "make xemacs-package"?

It should do this automatically.  There is a call to `configure' with
`--with-xemacs' within the make target.

> The windows-package can only be made on windows I guess.

No, it can actually be made on GNU/Linux as well.  It does not generate
any executables and the Elisp byte code, the info files, etc. should be
the same regardless on which system they have been generated.

> And what's the GENDOCSPATCH argument of the www-doc target?

It's for patching the gendocs script so that the result of the
documentation generation fits into the directory structure of our web
page.  I've attached it to this mail.  I haven't checked if the script
has been changed since I've used the patch the last time.  If it has
been changed, the patch might have to be adapted.

> So Ralf, David, if we're going for a new release, I think I need some
> assistance. :-)

As I've mentioned before, I can do the release as well.  But I haven't
had time to thoroughly look at the Biber patch which I wanted to do
before we make a release.  Has somebody else inspected it?  If we want
to release soon, we could perhaps back out the changes, do a release and
then have some more time to look at them.


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