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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] TeX-command-buffer: generate buffer-file-name.dvi/pdf

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] TeX-command-buffer: generate buffer-file-name.dvi/pdf
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 14:46:08 +0100
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   > Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:

   > What is the problem you are trying to solve here in the first place?

This is what I wrote yesterday:

My problem concerns

Tex master and the include command.

I have for example a master file 
main.tex which looks like (leaving all the usepackages out)


In the two slave files I have set the master to main.tex. 

In these slave files I can run TeX-command-buffer and only this
file/buffer is compiled. However the resulting pdf/dvi is called
_region_.pdf and this is a big restriction:

    -  when I visit some time later the directory I have now idea
       to which file _region_.pdf corresponds.

    -  when I want to send such pdf I have to rename it which is also

I understand now that it has to be this way.

That is why I came up with using the latex style: subfiles, the
corresponding files look 




and the slave files for example



%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End:

Then I can run latex via TeX-command-master on the slave, the resulting
pdf is called hoja1.pdf (I have a common header file), *but* auctex does
not scan the headers of the master file and then I can not use parts of
auctex functionality.

If set the master file to the subfile-master file then
TeX-command-master will run really on that file which is not what
subfiles is made for.

So in short: 

    -  could auctex support subfiles, that is scan the file main.tex
       when using a slave file.


Uwe Brauer 

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