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[AUCTeX] multifile document

From: Jobst Hoffmann
Subject: [AUCTeX] multifile document
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 13:18:02 +0200

I have a problem with multifile documents. I want to aucTeX a file
a_01.tex in the directory a with a master file m.tex in the following
shortened directory structure:

          |     |      |
        auto   m.tex   a
                       |         |
                     a_01.tex   auto

a_01.tex contains "%%% TeX master: "../m", but if I edit a_01.tex,
aucTeX does not know anything about the style files which are well known
in m.tex. If I link a_01.tex into the directory dir, all things work as
promised, all style packages are known. 

Am I missing something or is there a better way to make things work (I
don't want to link several hundred files into their father or
grandfather directories)

Thanks for your advices in advance, 
happy aucTeXing! 
Prof. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann            Tel:   (0049)-2461-99-3159
Fachhochschule Aachen Abt. J├╝lich   Fax:   (0049)-2461-99-3189
Fachbereich 3                       email: address@hidden

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