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Re: [AUCTeX] Adding curly braces in math mode

From: Adam Johnson
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Adding curly braces in math mode
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 17:23:02 -0500

> Furthermore I'm looking for a way to expand math operators with indices
> to its last values.
> Example: I typed $\sum_{i=1}^n ...$. Later I type `$\sum_' and now I > want
> AUCTeX to print `\sum_{i=1}^n '. How can this be done?

Hm, isn't something like this only useful in special cases?

Well, I'm writing lots of scripts for lectures. It's quite often the
case that the same operators with the same indices occur. I guess this
will save a lot of time and also think that this will also save others

I think a better way for doing this is to define a new command in LaTeX in your preamble other than in AUCTeX. I usually maintain a universal preamble to do so. For example, \newcommand{\sumin}{\sum_{i=1}^n}, then you can use it everywhere. If you don't like it anymore, you can make a global replacement to restore it the original case.

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