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[AUCTeX] Re: paralist and view command

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: paralist and view command
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 20:55:35 +0100
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* Alain Muls (2007-01-15) writes:

> On Saturday 13 January 2007 16:14, address@hidden wrote:
>> * Alain Muls (2007-01-11) writes:
>> > 1. In latex I mostly use the paralist.sty package for the different
>> > environments it offers. During the install, I saw a file "paralist.el"
>> > and I was pleased it would auto-add it in auctex, so I hoped. But until
>> > now I was not able to get the environments show in the auctex menu. How
>> > should I proceed to use the paralist.el file?
>> Could you please send this as a bug report using `M-x
>> TeX-submit-bug-report RET'?
> I do not know whether it is a bug or a wrong installation. I posted the bug, 

Where did you send the bug report to?  To the mail address indicated
in the report?  That means, bug-auctex at  I haven't seen
something on that list yet.

> hopefully I will get it up. By the way Angeli, do you have an entry for 
> eg. "compactenum"?

If you activated parsing (which the bug report would tell us) as
described on the first page of the AUCTeX manual, you would simply
have to type `C-c C-e compactenum RET' (or use tab completion for not
having to write the whole name of the environment).

>> > 2. I also use rubber to produce a pdf file and was hoping to view the
>> > output using either xpdf/evince/kpdf. The problem is that I do not know
>> > which customization to perform and I think I will also have a problem
>> > that the output must be closed before I can perform a new compilation.
>> > Any ideas?
>> I don't understand that paragraph.  What are you trying to do within
>> AUCTeX?  Processing the file with rubber?  Previewing the output with
>> a certain viewer?
> I want to use the external command "rubber" to process the latex file and 
> have 
> the pdf generated file previewed by kpdf. I want to launch kpdf from auctex, 
> without having to close it before I rerun a latex compilation by the external 
> rubber commend.

In order to use kpdf instead of the default viewer, customize the
variable `TeX-output-view-style'.  (By the way, this is explained in
the AUCTeX manual.  If you have problems finding the information, just
type `C-h i d m auctex RET m Viewing RET'.)

I cannot say anything about kpdf because I don't know it.  If you are
lucky and it is as versatile as xpdf it does not lock the PDF file and
it has a refresh option.


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