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Re: [AUCTeX] How to use XeLaTeX with AUCTEX?

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] How to use XeLaTeX with AUCTEX?
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 19:58:45 +0200
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* 廖宮毅 (2007-05-02) writes:

> On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 07:55 +0200, Ralf Angeli wrote:
>> * 凡發生之事必合理 (2007-05-02) writes:
>> >    I have installed that last release of TeXLive! (2007) and AUCTEX in my
>> > Linux box, I find that the xelatex is not usable with AUCTEX, especially 
>> > the
>> > preview-LaTeX feature, would someone give any advise?
>> Could you please be more specific?  How are you using xelatex with
>> preview-latex?  What errors do you get?
> Sorry, I should be more specific, the error message after the preview
> key-stroke:
> Preview-LaTeX exited as expected with code 1 at Wed May  2 21:44:46
> Running `Preview-DviPS' with ``dvips -Pwww
> AppliedStatistics_Supply_Material_2007_April_03.dvi -o
> AppliedStatistics_Supply_Material_2007_April_03.prv/tmp290370KI/''
> This is dvips(k) 5.96 Copyright 2005 Radical Eye Software
> (
> dvips: ! DVI file can't be opened.

AFAIK xelatex does not produce (regular) DVI output but rather PDF.
So there is no .dvi file for Dvips to process.  In case you configured
the invocation of xelatex correctly, the problem should be gone after
activating TeX PDF mode.

See (info "(auctex)Commands") <-- Type `C-x C-e' here.


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