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Re: [AUCTeX] Viewing problems!

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Viewing problems!
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 16:18:33 +0200

Please keep the mailing list copied!  I'm including a full quote of your
text below, including the odd linebreaks.

* gerald jean (2011-03-28) writes:

> Thanks Ralf for your hep,
> Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> a écrit sur 2011/03/27 10:24:55 :
>> * gerald jean (2011-03-23) writes:
>> > 1) When viewing a document (C-cC-c) auctex guesses wrong what I want to
> do
>> > 95% of the time.  I know it is trying to be smart and start Ghostscript
> if
>> > there is embedded graphics in my document but it does anyhow, even for
> a
>> > very simple document with just a little bit of text I do get:
>> >
>> > dvips myfile.dvi -o && gv
>> Could you be using PSTricks?
> No.  But I had a few settings repeated in my preamble, removing the
> duplicates seems to have solved this problem, on the file I am testing on
> anyway!
>> > What I would like to have 100% of the time (I'll manually take care of
> the
>> > 5% time this won't be appropriate), when viewing a document is:
>> >
>> > xdvi -paper us myfile.dvi
>> >
>> > Without the "-paper us" argument, xdvi won't even start on my machine,
>> > RedHat Linux.  And of course the appropriate arguments when "source
>> > specials" are activated, next problem!
>> Please read (info "(auctex)Starting Viewers") in the AUCTeX manual.
>> This should provide you with the information you need to set up the
>> viewers according to your requirements.
> I have been doing that and, please correct me if my interpretation is
> incorrect, I read that:
> TeX-output-view-style
> "If the first element (a regular expresion) matches the output
> file extension, and the second element (a regular expression)
> matches the name of one of the style options, any occurrence of
> the string `%V' in a command in `TeX-command-list' will be
> replaced with the third element."
> It's value, for the relevent part is:
> ("^dvi$" "^letterpaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper us %d")
> The relevent setting in "TeX-command-list" is:
>  ("View" "%V" TeX-run-discard-or-function t t :help "Run Viewer")
> And for TeX-view-style the settings are:
> ("^letterpaper$" "%(o?)xdvi %dS -paper us %d")
> My document style is:
> \documentclass[letterpaper, 11pt, twoside, openright]{report}
> Viewing after compiling yields in the mini-buffer:
> xdvi myfile.dvi
> I also tried "b5paper", "legalpaper", "executivepaper", none of these
> document class options get picked up??
> Hence the expansion never happens!  What am I missing???

As mentioned in the manual, `TeX-output-view-style' and `TeX-view-style'
are deprecated.  Try to customize the other variables mentioned in the


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