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[AUCTeX] LaTeX: problems after [0] pages

From: Florian Ahrweiler
Subject: [AUCTeX] LaTeX: problems after [0] pages
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 09:52:44 +0200
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I run AUCTeX 11.86 on Emacs 23.3.1 on a Trisquel 5.5 system.

As I have installed TeXLive2012 (because of biblatex and biber) from DVD, I coudln't use the aUCTeX-Package from the repositories as it requires the installation of the (old) texlive2009-packages, too. So I installed AUCTeX manually.

As described in the manual, I pasted some lines into ~/.emacs, and .tex-files are recgnized, I can use the commands, everything is fine. EXCEPT: running the command, e.g. latex/pdftex with C-c C-c gives the following error message
LaTeX: problems after [0] pages
in the minibuffer

Running Emacs with "emacs -Q -l auctex" from the terminal, I can compile my .tex-files with C-c C-c. (I found this in the internet but without a lasting solution)

So where should I look to fix this?

I'd be grateful for any help! Thanks in advance and best regards

Florian Ahrweiler

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