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[AUCTeX] Link to PDFs in Reftex?

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: [AUCTeX] Link to PDFs in Reftex?
Date: 30 Nov 2013 19:01:47 +0100
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Hi there

There are some BibTeX frontends that can be used to open PDF files of a
certain title. For example, JabRef uses a non-BibTeX fiels "file" where
a path leads to a PDF of the respective title. I wonder if Emacs/Reftex
can do this.

Maybe this could be done via reftex-cite-format. Hitting "o" for "open"
does not insert a cite-command but calls an external viewer (or
docview-mode) to open a PDF (or URL, ePUB whatever) of the publication,
the path (or url) could be given in the bib-file itself as:

  author =       {Katsumi Tanabe},
  title =        {The Earliest Pāramitā Imagery of Gandhāran Buddhist
  journal =      {Silk Road Art and Archaeology},
  year =         2003,
  volume =       9,
  pages =        {87--105},
  file =         {~/ebooks/tanabe/tanabe2003.pdf}

Would that be possible? Does such a solution already exist?



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