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[AUCTeX] [RFC] Do not distribute a package for Windows

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: [AUCTeX] [RFC] Do not distribute a package for Windows
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 22:24:05 +0100

Dear all, in particular Windows users,

I'm testing the release process, in view of the upcoming release of
AUCTeX 11.90.

At every release, one of the most annoying part is to adapt the
Makefile for distributing an AUCTeX package for Windows.  For example,
I have to adjust the Makefile for the name of Emacs's binary package
and its file structure (they change every now and then).  To make
things even more annoying, starting with Emacs 25.1 there are two
packages, one for 32-bit systems and the other for the 64-bit ones, so
I don't know whether we should distribute two AUCTeX packages as well.

My propose: do not distribute a package for Windows.  Reasons:

* the package for Windows is actually very limited: it is bound to the
Emacs's version it's built for (we usually build it only for the
latest Emacs version) and must be first package installed in Emacs.

* AUCTeX is in GNU ELPA, which is cross-platform and *much* more easy to use.

If no one has objections, I will *not* distribute a Windows package
for AUCTeX 11.90.  My idea is also to make it clearer on the website
that the preferred way to install AUCTeX is through GNU ELPA,
independently from the operating system used.  What do you think?


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